Contoh Laporan Biaya Yang Masih Harus Dibayar

Berdasarkan contoh Laporan Keuangan Klinik, contoh Laporan Rincian Biaya Yang Masih Harus Dibayar per 31 Oktober 2007 adalah sebagai berikut :

31/12/2006 31/10/2007
Biaya Yang Masih Harus Dibayar
TeleponY.M.H.D 8.504.272 7.121.100
Air 618.560 3.039.600
Listrik 16.315.121 12.922.700
Gaji YMHD 280.943.549 12.922.700
Lembur 12.157.500
Jamsostek 139.463.150 65.575.285
Hutang PPh 21 40.068.125 22.033.445
Jumlah 498.070.277 123.614.830

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  1. Comment by Yhudy:

    I would also add as two extra tools: 1. A means of recording your anccuots from the start a spreadsheet is ideal. Keep it up to date all the way through the year. Every month, ideally.2. A file where you keep all your receipts, bank statements, HMRC correspondence. Scrabbling around at the end of your tax year to submit your assessment is not good for the blood pressure.

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